Jessica and Ryan

Welcome! I’m Jessica. I am a Florida native, a wife, a first time mom to a beautiful baby boy, and full-time Communications and Marketing Manager. I’m excited to share my first time mom experiences and hopefully help other moms feel more confident (or maybe just a little more at ease) about one of the biggest life-altering events: Motherhood.

I live for family, coffee, amazing food, and deep conversations about life-changing moments.

During maternity leave (typically around 2am), online articles and blogs kept me sane and helped me realize I was not alone in this hormone-crazed postpartum existence of exhaustion, love, work, tears, and copious amounts of coffee.

Omg coffee.

This blog is not sugar coated rambling about the joys of motherhood. My posts are real, they are emotional, and they come from that all too familiar first time mom place of quiet fear and hope that I won’t screw up my kid. We are all doing the best we can – that’s the core of my blog.

I believe women should be more vocal about the struggles and triumphs of being a career mom. My hope is that my posts are helpful, insightful, and offer a sense of normalcy (“OMG me too!”) to the craziness of mom life.

I hope you enjoy my blog! 😃