Jessica Ellis, MBA
Wife, Mom and Life Strategist

Are you feeling stuck, and feel the need to make a career change?

I know how hard it is to change jobs – let alone change careers – all while figuring out what life will look like next week, next year….and the pressure is on when it’s not just about you anymore. Your spouse, your kids…..they need your love, compassion, and drive for a better life. Every time I look at my son, I know without a doubt there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.

I started this journey of helping others find the success that I did, and create an exceptional career for their well being and that of their families.

After cracking the code on life and career success, I knew I could help other ambitious mamas do the same. 

Even if your resume is unbelievably awesome, it doesn’t matter if a hiring manager never sees it.

I learned what NOT to do. I learned to break a few rules. Most of all…..I discovered the power of fierce determination.

Why it’s important to seek help

I could try building a house, but without knowing which tools I should use or what materials will give me the strongest foundation upon which to build my new home, I could end up with a costly mistake. Shaky foundations don’t result in houses that can weather the strongest storms. The same is true for ineffective career strategies.


The strategies that brought me the most success are effective but they are by no means an overnight solution. I don’t promise “get rich quick” gimmicky solutions. However, I do promise you will have more professional satisfaction and pride in what you do. Job offers are a natural result when you are strategic and work backward from the goal.

If you are ready to learn how to rock all of your amazing roles AND advance your career, you are in the right place!

The First Step

Taking the first step toward a better life for you and your family is a personal goal with peaks and valleys. I offer assistance with compassion and sincere appreciation for the hard work it takes to achieve career goals while raising a family.

Please email me with a link to your LinkedIn profile and your goals prior to placing your order so I can confirm order and delivery time for your request.





Resume Revision

Resume makeover including special touches to make you stand out! *Please email me and include a Word resume attachment, along with your career goal(s).




I’m in the process of setting up additional pricing and packages, so please email me if you have questions:


Short on time?


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